Sorry. There was more. My mistake. Apparently things change.

Okay, so here's the skinny. That last page was written before we moved. A few things have happened since. It's June, 2006, so although I will try to be brief, we all know by now that I'm not. Please be patient..

We did get the move done. Took seven hours to get the machines back up and running and another seven weeks to get the joint straightened out, but we wound up with a total of 4,500 square feet and a much better location. Even have pictures somewhere. I'll put one or two on the site one of these days. Our name is on the  building even! 

We    were    more    or    less    content to do our work and focus (as always) on quality and delivery, but in August, a tremendous opportunity came along and we purchased yet another embroidery shop. Strange how these things tend to happen. 

The new shop was located in a nearby town and was supplied by a single primary customer, although that part was a bit frightening. The very fortunate side was that we already knew the customer and have had a good continuing relationship with them for a number of years, so we weren't as nervous about having a single large contributor to revenues. 

The purchase led to our increasing in size to 77 operating sewing heads, more than doubling our size and increasing our output by more than double.  We were thrilled to be able to do so and have suddenly moved into the category of 'contract embroiderer' instead of small shop. We do, of course, have a ways to go before actually being a major national company, but it never hurts to think big, does it? 
So we've grown. Twice as big as we were last year at this time. And wait, there's even more (do I start to sound like Ron Popeil here?). But there is. Really. .

Not long now!