History is fun, isn't it?

We actually grew, believe it or not. Took a lot of work, but somehow, we managed to increase sales and people found out that we were fairly quick with most work. We, on the other hand, found that sewing day and night wasn't quite as much fun. And we couldn't get the cars into the garage. Too many boxes of clothes. Besides, UPS didn't like delivering to the house. Cranky, aren't they?

A wonderful lady came to work for us about 1994,  by the way. She worked at the house. Her name was Mary and she had just retired from another job. She was wonderful, patient, and became part of the family. She was sixty two when she started. That's an important note, by the way, if you can get to page three.

So, we moved. It was tough. We had to start wearing clothes again. Had to be moderately responsible and go to work in the morning. It wasn't fun at first.  But we managed. Our first move took place in 1999, to a small converted storefront that a friend let us sublet. He was happy to have us there, since he had a nice sporting goods business and was pleased that we could do names on the spot for him.

Ambition took over, though. Early in 2000, we found ourselves in the midst of negotiations to purchase another embroidery shop of similar size, although that company had more sewing heads. At the time, we had a mere thirteen sewing heads on four machines. We were already cramped in the small space, so we found ourselves negotiating a move to nearly three times the area we currently had, to 3,600 square feet containing three additional embroidery machines and nineteen more heads. Suddenly, we were looking at an actual business, with employees and everything. It was frightening, but a challenge.

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