Contract Embroidery

We ARE a contractor. Team Mates has a variety of machine configurations, from single head machines to twelve-head workhorses. We have the abilty to knock out both customized single pieces in case a new  employee needs a uniform and can also handle large scale runs that customers need for promotions and sales campaigns.  We work with clothing suppliers to keep your costs down. 

We work hard to keep our distributor customers happy and selling. After all, you are our sales force. Our job is to support you, supply you with quality you're proud of and make it easy enough that you can spend more time selling. Please check out our pricing in the special section under ASI. We are competitive and always ready to work with you to produce the best quality at excellent prices.

Standard turnaround is usually 7-10 working days for embroidery, 10-15 working days for tackle twill. Oh, and we don't usually charge for rush jobs. We're ready to do the work whenever you've decided on what you need.


We can do nearly any quantity, from 1 piece to 5,000 or more, depending on your needs.

We do our digitizing in-house and also will gladly tweak designs that you provide. We're always looking to improve

Bagging and Folding
Sometimes, it's the overall appearance that sells the job. Just add bagging to your purchase order. The folding is usually included. For large jobs, printer folds (6 same-size pieces to a group in the case of shirts) are standard. Smaller jobs get you individually folded items.

Blind Shipping
We are happy to drop ship directly to your customers if need be. We use UPS or FedEx and can either bill you for the cost or use your number.

Use our Information Request Form, call or email us and we'll provide an estimate quickly. The best artwork is a color picture, .jpg format, in a size big enough to read. We can take it from there.