Our Mission

Okay, that's complicated.  Mission is such a, well, deep word. How about just calling it our Job?

Only a few years ago we realized this:  You, the distributor, are our salesperson.  You are out there working hard to make the sale, get the profitable client, keep them happy, maybe even earn some money along the way.  

We, Team Mates, are here not just to bill you for embroidery.  Our job is to make every order that you place with us a simple, profitable process that winds up in your customer's hands exactly the way that you promised.  We want to make the experience so enjoyable that pretty soon, you'll be selling apparel just so you can place an order with us.

A Good working relationship involves a smooth transaction at a fair price, completed in a timely manner.  A Great working relationship involves trust and a little bit of personality thrown in.  We strive for Great relationships.  Good ones just don't make us eager to come to work every day.

And that, dear reader, is the short version of About Us.

Now shoo.  Close this window and go back to reading the long version.  I hear that the author is pretty funny.