Used to be the last page. But I'll at least say that you don't have to watch the slide show. That would be really long.

Since moving, we've concentrated on improving what we do.  We focus on our clients and try to make it easy for them to get work done. Long ago, we dispensed with the idea of rush fees and just get the job done. Apparently, it works. We get it done, don't charge extra for the occasional emergency and concentrate on giving the very best quality and delivery that we possibly can.

We've been doing tackle twill work since 1993 and consider ourselves pretty darned good at it, by the way. You can read more about that on the tackle twill pages.

In 2004, we began carrying two lines of apparel, Russell Athletic wear and Champion Athletic wear. We think they're the best and are very grateful that we can provide our  customers with the added convenience and quality goods.

In March of 2005, we're moving yet again. Bigger space, more shop area, a much nicer display area. It's exciting. Apparently we're not done growing.

In the meantime, we continue to provide the quality, delivery and hopefully a decent price on all wearables, embroidery and tackle twill. We cut the twill in our shop, do all of the design work right here and are always happy to give a tour if you happen to be in town.

Of course, new information will be added to this little bit of history as soon as it happens. The current final note here is that our goals are to make it look easy, make it look good and make your shopping experience so pleasant that you'll come back just because you enjoyed it so much. And, we'll be happy to take any suggestions you might have.

Sweat beads on your forehead. Are you sorry you started this yet?